Christmas at The Works

It’s now November so we are officially allowed to talk about Christmas, and as a bit of a disorganised Mummy I am going to be looking at starting the shopping done a bit earlier this year, sometimes I end up doing it all the week before (yes really, I’ve done it all in one day before now…) and the Works is a firm favourite for my Christmas cards and crafty gift ideas, as well as stocking fillers.

I’ve been having a good look online¬†at The Works’ Christmas shop already and here is my little ‘wish list’ that I’ve come up with. I will be popping to The Works in Cwmbran shortly and hopefully picking these up, or something similar, as there is always plenty of choice!

First up is this little book about decorating the home for Christmas, I don’t usually go all out with decorating the house but I do enjoy putting a bit of tinsel up, this might help with some new ideas-


Recently my girls had some fun making little cards for people, so it would be lovely for them to make their own Christmas cards, here are a few cute things they could use-






And of course just in case Santa is reading here are a couple of photography books that look interesting for me to brush up on my street and wedding photography!
9780817433253_L 9780500289075_LI have been meaning to put together a little book for each of my girls, just photos of them and things we’ve done over the last couple of years. I have thousands of photos and never get them printed sadly, so these scrap books with all the bits and pieces would be lovely to make up for them as little home made Christmas gifts this year.



Have a look at the other Christmas at the Works ideas for yourself, there seems to be something for everyone there! I’m off to find some stocking fillers now!


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