The Coldra Beefeater Review

When I was asked to review the Coldra Beefeater in Newport I was very excited.  I had actually visited a couple of weeks before, for my birthday, with my Mum and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been to the Coldra a few times before and it’s always been quite a pleasant experience. But they have been treated to a refurbishment recently though so I was glad to be one of those people asked to try it out.


When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the manager, he showed us to our table and gave the children the little Mr Men activity packs to get started on. The kids menu was also Mr Men themed and very cheerful.

Menu photo

I was very impressed with the colour scheme of the restaurant, the new lighting and the overall interior design of the restaurant was very modern and comfortable, and even though it was busy it really didn’t feel as though we were on top of other customers so it was very well laid out too.

Of course I got my camera out and started snapping away at the interior and the activity packs, but I’ve been blogging long enough now that even if I get funny looks I still carry on regardless!

So we all decided what we wanted to eat, the children went for the grilled chicken and chips and the flat iron steak and chips. There were plenty of options though and the menu included pictures of the food which is always good. I chose the lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and the husband went for a ridiculously huge burger, well you can’t go to a BEEFeater without someone trying the beef out can you?

As we waited the children we busy filling in their Mr Men activity pack, me and the husband got involved too it was actually quite fun! It included colouring pages as usual, word searches and even a Sudoku (which had Mr Men rather than numbers of course). I ended up shouting “Nachos!” at one point whilst trying to work out a puzzle, a little louder than I should have maybe, but we were happily enjoying the book together, they had much more to do in them than the usual placemat/ colouring page you usually get for children in restaurants.

Something else I noticed was that even though the decor seems quite grown-up it’s still a very family friendly restaurant, there were plenty of people in there with children of all ages, and adults without children, but as I mentioned before you’re not sat on top of each other which makes it comfortable for everyone.

When the food arrived I think we were all pretty impressed with the triple burger that my husband ordered and he said it tasted amazing, my lamb was gorgeous and melted in my mouth and the children enjoyed their meals too (especially since it came with Mr Men serviettes). I will say the chicken was slightly overcooked, however I’m an awful cook so it was better than my girls are used to anyway, plus my daughter didn’t mind!



Once we had devoured our main course we were then asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu, a silly question really! We decided on a cheesecake for my husband the chocolate challenge for the children and the chocolate brownie was chosen for me by my eldest daughter.

I can honestly say the brownie was perfect, the children really enjoyed their dessert too and my husband confirmed that the cheesecake was pretty special, and everything you would expect from a cheesecake. No pictures of those I’m afraid, they didn’t last long enough.


Overall the food, the service and the environment was really lovely, and even though we ate there on a very busy Saturday afternoon, we weren’t disappointed by the time it took to get served at all either.

It’s safe to say that we will be visiting the Coldra Beefeater in Newport again and we would like to thank the Beefeater for inviting us for a lovely meal. It’s always nice to spend time as a family and I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Please let me know if you do visit and how you get on.

Disclaimer- We were given vouchers towards the overall cost of our meal for the purpose of an honest review.

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