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Most of us grew up watching Disney movies, I discovered Disney world when I was in my late teens and I shed a tear when I saw that castle. I know, I know it’s childish and not like me to be overwhelmed by something so fluffy, but Disney do get it spot on for me when it comes to family entertainment and I can’t help myself!

So when I was invited along to Disney on Ice Cardiff, I was thrilled. My girls haven’t been to Disney World or Disney Land for that matter, so this is the next best thing for us!

There was a short queue to get into the Motorpoint arena, the security staff were helpful and made sure no children were waiting in the breezy weather for too long. Once we were inside the first thing I noticed was the many stalls selling merchandise, and so did my girls! £20 worth of ice in Frozen themed cups later we wandered off to find our seats. We were very pleased with our view, I think we would have been happy wherever we sat though, the layout was very thoughtful and clearly catered to the smaller members of the audience, plenty of space and good views all round.


As the show began I think I was a tiny bit more excited than the children! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it would be pretty special. However I couldn’t have been prepared for just how amazing this show is, I was held spellbound from very beginning, and I couldn’t quite work out how these characters were staying so composed whilst dancing around the ice seemingly effortlessly. Of course Mickey, Minnie and friends opened the show, setting the scene for an ‘around the world’ adventure, and the noise from the younger audience members seemed to indicate they did a pretty good job! Especially Goofy being his usually silly self and raising some laughs.


The first part of the show was the Lion King, one of my favourite Disney movies, and I thought it was clever how Timon and Pumba managed to tell the whole story whilst Simba and others played it out one the ice. This was the point that I realised these people aren’t just performing and dancing around a bit, there were spins and lifts that wouldn’t look out of place at the Olympics in my opinion and I really appreciated the skill involved.




The stories then seamlessly moved on and we came to London to see Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, I think many of the adults in the audience may have been feeling a little nostalgic at this point, and I may have had a tear in my eye when Wendy explained what Mothers are to the lost boys. I don’t remember that in the original film!


Well, a Mother, a real Mother, is the most wonderful person in the world. She’s the angel voice that bids you goodnight, kisses your cheek, whispers “sleep tight”

Something else that really impressed me were the backdrops, props and costumes too, especially captain hook, his ship and the way in which he meets his demise (no spoilers here but I’m sure you all know the story). It’s lovely to see so much effort going into every detail, but I expected no less really.8


The time seemed to go really quickly and we had seen The Lion King, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid, then it was time for the final ‘act’, Frozen of course!


The whole arena became very animated and this was clearly the moment they had all been waiting for (I know it was for my youngest who was in her Elsa dress, plait and all), Anna burst into life with the songs we have all heard 1,343,453,3534 times at least, and I even found myself singing along! Come on, we all love Frozen a little bit right? The story progressed as it does in the film and Elsa made her grand entrance, the drama and excitement had us all gripped. We even got to see Olaf as well who made us laugh and even lost his head!



Everything seemed to be over far too quickly for everyone’s liking and my girls begged for me to take them to Disney on Ice again, even if it will all be the same, because they had “the best time!”.


Disney on Ice Cardiff was a wonderful opportunity to experience the Disney Magic up close, with some very talented entertainers at a great venue. My girls and all the other children that I could see really enjoyed the show, from tiny tots to adults thoroughly enjoyed the show, with classics like ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ and ‘Under the Sea’, and Frozen favourites ‘Love is an Open Door’ and ‘Let It Go’ there was plenty to sing along to, and I would recommend this show to any body, of any age! Truly magical.

For more information click here.

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