DIY Disasters

Ok I am going to be brutally honest about this, I am shocking at DIY and my husband has no interest in it either. When we bought a house many moons ago we decided to do a little tidy up of the place and make it look more modern. I quickly wished I hadn’t plaster was just falling off the wall as soon as I pulled a little bit of paper from it, the carpet ended up ruined by our cats quickly and the colours in the kitchen (bright yellow and blue) looked ridiculous as soon as I had finished.

So we gave up trying, it isn’t for us!

But now we rent instead of owning a house that gives us a little bit of an excuse NOT to do DIY. Since “there’s no point”, or “we might have to move before long and it’s a waste of money” and so on.

But we are moving again either this month or next month (depending on house viewings) and I’ve started thinking a bit more about our DIY aversion. Maybe we are being a bit silly? Because there are plenty of different options to make a home nicer, things you can build and make, or even just cover up temporarily if you don’t like them. So maybe we should give it more effort in the next house? Even if there is a chance we’ll be asked to move there are plenty of cheap options to keep the house looking more homely.

This will benefit the children and make things nicer to live in.

And I think I will start with storage solutions and maybe some home made picture frames to display my photography.

Obviously I am going to need some supplies and websites like Simply Plastics will come in handy I think!


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