Documenting Your Child’s Big Events Without Getting In Trouble

It’s usually around this time of year that parents are really keen to take photos of their little ones. But taking photos at your child’s school isn’t just taboo, it is frequently banned. And you can forget about live streaming to FaceBook or YouTube! Most of us would love to document the school nativity the way our parents did for ours. So how can you get around strict rules laid down by the school?

In some cases, you simply won’t be able to do so. But, surprisingly, more and more schools are relaxing the rules. Many will say that they will offer photo opportunities either before or just after a school play performance. This is an organised line-up in front of one of the sets or a backdrop. It’s a nice way for you to practice your portrait photography skills. And best of all, it goes a long way to documenting this big event in your child’s life.


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Of course, some schools are keen for you to be actively engaged in the school productions. If you are allowed to take photos, it will likely come with a caveat. You probably won’t be allowed to include other children in the shot. And you mustn’t post it to social media. Seems reasonable? Not all parents agree. The best thing to do is to speak with the school head about what you’re seeking to cover. Who knows? You might even be hired to capture the whole event as part of a fund raiser!

Birthday parties are another big event you’ll want to capture. Again, chances are you’ll have other children in your photos. It’s best to share them privately with the parents before posting them publicly on social media pages like If nothing else, it’s a courtesy. Not all parents are fans of having their child tagged all over the internet. And there are more schools of thought regarding how your child might feel about these pics when they’re out there job hunting in a few years.

Why not make a list of the shots you would like to cover? You can carefully select gifts that you know will create maximum excitement that will make an incredible photo. When you’re buying gifts from websites like, consider how your child might unwrap it and use the gift. Do you want to video those moments, or capture a series of photos for a book or wall? Where will your little one be when you present the gifts? You can start to tell a lovely story of their big day with just a few of these considerations. You might even want to storyboard it before the event! This can help you to be sure you are capturing everything you need to fully record your child’s happy day.

Don’t forget the obligatory selfie. Including yourself in your child’s big day is so important. This is especially true when your little one looks back in a few years time and wants to see their parent in the pics. How will you document your child’s big event?

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