Colour Me Wellies Review

We were lucky enough to be sent some lovely Colour Me Wellies by El Rhey to review recently, and my little girl was over the moon be able to try these out!


As we know small children love wellies, they just want to be able to splash in muddy puddles George pig style and not get told off for it of course, and living in Wales it can get pretty muddy from all the lovely rain we get here. What I wanted to know as a parent was are they durable and practical? What the children want to know is are they fun?

When I revealed the Colour Me Wellies to my youngest girl she couldn’t wait to get creating her little works of art, the wellies came with three felt pens, in lovely matching colours, and the design on the wellies is very clear and easy to follow. I chose the moth option and am really glad I did, it is a gorgeous design, the alternative is a zebra which is also very nice. My youngest does like to think outside the box at times and once she had tired of colouring in the lines she created a little self portrait on one of the wellies and a flower on the other- sweet!


Something that I didn’t expect really was for the wellies to be an ongoing project, my girl coloured a few lines, put them on and danced around the room, she then put them away safely in their little bag. The next day she did the same and even a couple of months later she is still pulling the pens out to add a little bit more colour to them occasionally. I did wonder if the colour from the pens would stay vibrant after a while and am happy to say they did.


Now the practical side of things- the Colour Me Wellies are soft and flexible making them comfortable for little feet. They are very durable (my little one has put them through their paces!) and everything you would expect from a good quality pair of children’s wellies, I would not be disappointed if I was to purchase these at all and I think they would make a lovely gift for a child as well, they are certainly something a bit different, gender neutral and would be liked by many children. We have had a few comments about them already and other children are very impressed when they know that they are personalised.IMG_3166

So the verdict is that we really like these wellies, my little girl continues to wear them and colour them, and will likely do so until she outgrows them!

Disclaimer- I was gifted this product for review purposes.

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