Folly Farm Review

During our latest trip to Bluestone in Pembrokeshire we were lucky enough to visit Folly Farm. I have always wanted to go since it looked like such a great place to take children, so we were thrilled to be asked to review it.

When we arrived there was a little bit of a queue as you would expect on a weekend, with the sun shining and it being such a popular attraction. However it didn’t take too long to get through and once we did there were no crowds inside. Everything was spaced out just right and the place is so big that it didn’t matter how busy it was, there was plenty of space for everyone.

The first thing that we wanted to do when we got inside was to race each other on the go-karts. And clearly they were broken since I lost… Miserably. So once I was done sulking we decided to walk around and look at all the different animals in the zoo/farm. It was amazing to see the wide range of animals from penguins to lions, fossa (who has sadly passed away since) and birds, all different types of animals with lots of educational boards for the children to read. Such as the fact my eldest daughter has told me quite often since- The lion is the second largest cat in the world, and the Siberian tiger is the largest.


We really enjoyed watching the penguins happily interacting and swimming, the underwater viewing area was fascinating! IMG_4777 IMG_4783
After we had walked around for a while we found the indoor fairground, now I was expecting a couple of rides maybe, and a few machines. I was very surprised at what we found inside: A traditional merry-go-round, old-fashioned ghost train, swing seats, funhouse, waltzers, rocketship ride, bumper cars and even some penny drop machines, old school!

Lovely Gallopers! #fairgroundride #oldfashioned #horses

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I even found an old laughing clown in a box and even though I was terrified of them as a child, I had to put the 50p in and to make it go, yep still terrifying!

Clown… #terrifying #old #nightmares #traditional #fairground #clown #fear

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We spent a good hour, maybe more in the fair ground, we then had some nice hot dogs for lunch and were ready to explore the rest of Folly Farm.

Next was my favourite animal- the giraffe, every time I see them in real life I can’t believe quite how tall they are, they move so gracefully and always seem very gentle and placid, at Folly Farm there was a viewing platform, you are able to get face-to-face with them and it’s pretty amazing and intimidating all at once.


Gorgeous Giraffe at @follyfarmwales. Review of the farm up soon! #snaphappybritmums #daysout #giraffe #animals #beautiful

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My youngest daughter had the pleasure of getting right up close to one of the Giraffe, she seemed to enjoy it until he got a little bit too close and then she was a little scared and squeaked a bit! We stood watching the giraffe for a long while, I’m not sure how long but everybody was stood watching them quietly until they wandered off to find something more interesting to do. A point I would like to make is that the giraffe seemed very clean, well fed and healthy, the same goes for all the other animals in the farm, including the ‘farm animals’ in the Jolly Barn it’s always something I keep an eye open for at any zoo or farm.

The Jolly Barn was a highlight for us as well, I was expecting a couple of sheep and some pigs, the usual sort of farm animals that you find, but the way the Jolly Barn was laid out was impressive. It was immaculate, it had plenty of educational opportunities and the animals all seemed very happy, my daughter even got to milk a goat and said it was “very squidgy!”. She enjoyed it so much she even had a second turn.

Although we seemed to spend pretty much all day at Folly Farm and we didn’t stop the whole time, we were so busy and felt like we saw everything, we didn’t actually manage to see any of the animal talks, I’m also pretty certain we didn’t get to see all of the animals, so we will probably be back again to catch up with the things we missed.

I was sad we missed out on riding the land train and next time I think I would like to take advantage of the nature walk too, where you can access the Follywood Country Park.


On our way out of the farm we decided to go on the big wheel even though both my husband and I are a little afraid of heights, and one daughter was a little uncertain, we did quite well not to show our anxieties, I even managed to catch quite a good picture.

IMG_4939 IMG_4946

Of course we couldn’t get away with not letting the children spend some time on the playground as well, and there were a couple of well maintained playgrounds scattered around with lots to do, and plenty of toilets nearby too, which I’m sure all parents will be happy to hear.

Before we left my girls decided they would like to go on the JCBs (yes real lives ones!) I have to admit that when I had to take over at one point for my youngest daughter it was incredibly fun, next time I think I’ll have a go on my own.

I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of things that we actually saw and experienced on our visit, but we will definitely be visiting again, and I hope this gives you an idea of some of the things you can expect from Folly Farm.

Thank you to Folly Farm for inviting us along for the day, we had a wonderful time.

Disclaimer- We were gifted a family ticket for the purpose of an honest review.

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