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Tips and Pointers on Obtaining Free Perfume Samples

One of those rare treats that may not always come around very often is purchasing a new perfume; this is why for me the next best thing is perfume samples! You will find free perfume samples in every shape and size imaginable. Form miniature bottles and 15ml roller balls that are quite impressive to postcard samples good for one use only. Although not impressive as the golden vials, they are something I have come to love!


Here are a few ways you can get your hands on some free samples:

  1. Order from Perfume Retailers

When you make a purchase from their store, many online perfume retailers will offer free samples. Find a perfume you like and place it in your online cart. As you are about to checkout, there will be a prompt for you to choose some free samples. There are retailers who only offer samples of perfume and cologne and others who will offer samples of perfume as well as other beauty related products. By choosing the products you want, they are automatically added into your online cart.

  1. Sign Up On Websites for Free Samples

There are websites dedicated to collecting free online offers, these include free samples. They find these offers through facebook, manufacturer’s websites and other sources. They will either post daily or weekly offers on their websites or send emails with the information. Never use your primary email address, create an alternate one so as to avoid being overwhelmed with spam.

Do not provide you credit card information. Free samples are what these sites should be sending, they are not websites dedicated to selling. When it comes to shipping costs, the same thing applies and you want to avoid being tricked into purchasing products through these websites in exchange for the samples.

  1. Pay the Perfume Counter a Visit

The majority of stores that sell perfumes will have open counters available on the counter specifically so that customers can sample them. Even though you are not able to take these bottles home with you, you can grab a piece of cardboard and small bottles of the fragrance on it so you can sample it.

  1. Ask Retailers for Samples

Many retailers will have perfume samples available to give out to their customers. At larger department stores the perfume counters usually have perfume samples that are attached to special cardboard cards lying nets to each product on the counter. There are also retailers that when asked will supply you with samples.

Here are a couple of sites that offer samples free of charge:

  1. WOW FreeStuff (

This easy to use and friendly website provides over six hundred listed freebies. On a daily basis, five to six new freebies are added to the site, this means you will always find something new. Most of the freebies on this site are samples; you are therefore able to find a wide array of products including toys, eco-friendly products, shampoo and even chocolates. Being as they come in handy when staying over or traveling, we are very fond of toiletry samples.

They also have a very useful section with tips and hints as well as advice on how you can best take advantage of freebie offers, for example having an additional email address, you can also sign up to their app that enables you to see the most recent freebies, even when you are on the go.

  1. Hot UK Deals (

Not only is your one stop shop for freebies on the Internet found at Hot UK Deals, it also offers discount vouchers and competitions! Since 2004, Hot UK Deals has been up and running, it is open, free of charge to all who wish to join. It also offers the most recent, hottest tip ten deals, requests for deals on specific products as well as fun competitions from around the web. This is definitely worth a try!

If you have any tips and pointers on how to get free perfume samples, please let me know!

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