Fun Party Ideas For The Whole Family

There are so many reasons to throw family parties. Maybe it’s a special occasion, or maybe you just haven’t spent quality time together for a while. Whatever it is, these fun party ideas are suitable for the whole family to take part in. Take a look and see what your family will like!

A Fancy Dress Party

Fancy dress parties can be a lot of fun. This kind of party is perfect for Halloween, but it doesn’t need to be Halloween to dress up. Have fun creating costumes together if you want to get creative. You could even incorporate some role play by acting like the character you’ve dressed up as. If anybody forgets, you could introduce a forfeit. Maybe you could buy some fun trophies or medals for those who have been the most creative and put a lot of effort in.

A Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties may not be suitable for very young kids, but you can always set them up with their own activity stations or games to tide them over. You can get murder mystery packs that explain what to do to you. Bear in mind the rules may vary from pack to pack. They are so much fun, as everyone needs to dress up and act it out, just like real life Cluedo. If your family will enjoy being sleuths for the night, this could be a brilliant idea.



A Flavour Tripping Party

You might be wondering what a flavour tripping party is. Many people haven’t heard of them! This is when you get your food loving family members together, and marvel at what something called the miracle berry can do. This berry is one of the most expensive fruits in the world, as it does something that other fruits don’t. You chew it for a few minutes, and then eat a sour or bland food. You won’t believe how sweet and delicious the foods taste afterwards! The effects can last for up to an hour. As the fruit is so expensive and often impossible to export because of its short life, you can buy tablets that contain the miracle berry. They are much cheaper than the real thing too! This could be a great way to spice up any party, or something to base your party around.

A Games Night Party

Hosting a regular games night for the family can be a great way to spend quality time together. You could play just about anything, from Twister to Scrabble. You could even make up your own games, and possibly create competitions. Why not host a family cook off? Even if you just do this once a month with drinks and nibbles, you’re going to bring your family closer together while having a lot of fun.

These fun party ideas for the whole family will keep everybody entertained. Don’t let your party go stale and make sure you use one of these ideas! If you have any you’d like to add, leave a comment below.

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