Why Germany Is An Underrated Family Holiday Destination

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If Brits head into Europe with the kids in tow, it’s common to head to Northern France or the resorts of Spain, but we could be missing a trick. The beautiful, historical cities and countrysides of Germany are incredibly welcoming for families, and with so much to do and see, nobody’s ever going to get bored. So if you’re looking for a family city break, or beach holidays just aren’t your thing, here are a few reasons that Germany should be on your list of places to visit.

There are children’s discounts everywhere

Germany is not an expensive country – for the most part, it’s on a par with the UK. But when it comes to kids, they know the importance of discounts. For the most part, kids under 5 go free. Above that, the upper age limit varies, but kids can find all sorts of discounts in museums, public transport, monuments, and tours. Some hotels even don’t charge for children to stay with them.

Cycling is the transportation of choice

Getting around by bike is commonplace in most of Germany, and trails around cities and into the countryside are well signposted, and advertised based on distance and difficulty, so you’re guaranteed to find a route which is suitable for all ages. It’s a great energetic way to have some fun and see the sights, and all it costs is the price of bike hire.

Kids will love the scenery

With romantic medieval castles dotted throughout the countryside such as the Neuschwanstein castle near Munich, and many more, kids will fall in love with the fairytale, Disney-like scenery. This is the birthplace of Brothers Grimm and fairy tales, with Sleeping Beauty and the Pied Piper originating from the country. These lesser-known facts and destinations make for a great day out, where you won’t be fighting through the crowds.

It’s an easy journey

From the UK, Germany is really straight forward to access. From the rest of the world or non-EU countries, it’s still well kitted out with airports, although a visa waiver from etias.com is required for visitors from non-EU countries. With the journey being so straightforward, either by road or by air, it makes it perfect for families with young children.

There are all sorts of entertainment

From zoos and theme parks, interactive playgrounds and puppet shows, the Germans sure know how to cater to the younger generations. Many people think of Germany as a more grown-up destination, with breweries and nightclubs galore, and while this is still obviously the case, it’s far more family-friendly than they get credit for.

Restaurants are welcoming

Eating out with children in Germany is straightforward, as long as they’re well behaved. Many restaurants offer children’s menus with schnitzel or bratwurst and chips being commonplace – perfect kid’s food. Even in fairly high-end restaurants children are usually welcomed with open arms. And the country is snack-heaven, with pretzels and baked goods on every corner, and currywurst or hotdogs on every other corner, it isn’t possible to go hungry on a German trip.

So for your next family trip, don’t automatically overlook Germany – it has far more to offer than you might realise.

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