Growing Gardeners: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening


Image by Cade Martin

There are many ways for children to learn and grow. Getting outside is the best way for them to explore the world and experience new things. The great thing is that you don’t have to go far if you’re looking for something to do. There’s plenty you can do in your own garden that your kids are sure to love. Gardening with them is a fantastic way to get them excited about being outside and working with nature. It can help to show them what they can achieve if they work at something. If you want to garden with your kids, try these tips.

Grow a Variety of Plants

The first thing you should consider doing is growing different things. It will help your kids explore different plants and trees, and show them what they’re capable of growing. Some children might enjoy growing flowers, while others love producing fruit and vegetables. You can look into buying fruit stocks to make it easier to start growing your own food. Anything that you can grow will show your kids what they can produce with a bit of work. They’ll have something to look at, touch and smell, and perhaps even eat.

Give Them Age-appropriate Jobs

Some parents might wonder when it’s the right time to get kids helping in the garden. The truth is that they don’t need to be very old at all. Toddlers can come and join you in the garden, even if they might not be helping that much in reality. You can give them easy jobs, from digging holes to putting seeds into holes you have already dug. As they get a bit older, you can supervise them using tools. Gardening is more fun for them if you can trust them to have some responsibility. If they’re just watching you do things, it could get boring quickly.


Image by Amanda Mills

Get Out in All Weathers

It’s tempting to only wait until you get a sunny day to go out and do some gardening. But if you want your kids to love gardening at the outdoors, they have to experience it in different weathers. If it’s raining, get on your wellies and raincoats before you go outside. If it’s cold, you can all wrap up warm. You’ll soon get warmer as you start to work in the garden. Of course, you need to be cautious when it’s hot too. Make sure everyone wears sunscreen and hats on a sunny day.

Explore the Garden

As well as spending time gardening, make sure your children have opportunities to explore the garden. They can take a proper look at everything that’s growing and how it affects the garden. They might go hunting for bugs or discover some other wildlife, such as hedgehogs. There are lots of fun things to do, from collecting worms and snails to taking rubbings from leaves. You can even turn gardening tasks into games to make them more fun.

If you get your kids interested in gardening, they could develop a passion for life. It’s a great way to get them to enjoy the outdoors.

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