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Life. It’s always there to get in the way of our fantastic ambitions and deepest desires. Of course, a shared aspiration by most people is to explore the world. Unfortunately, when life kicks in, there’re so many things in the way.


For most people, waiting for the right moment to come up doesn’t work. Instead, you have to make the time for yourself. This is usually easier than it sounds; you just need to put in a little bit of effort! This post will go through some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Hopefully, this will stir you to get on a plane and forget about the everyday concerns you face.

  • Australia

When you think of holiday locations, Australia is bound to come up. Most of the country’s settlements skirt the outside edge of the country, on the coastline. This means that wherever you go, you’re going to be near a beach. And, Australia’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Home to the Great Barrier Reef; one of the largest coral formations in the world. Australia is perfect for the sightseer in you.

Australia is also known for its diverse wildlife and landscapes. With large rock formations, deserts, lakes, and much more to see. Sydney, Australia’s capital, is a worldwide trendsetter, and home to the Sydney Opera House. You can check here for a list of holiday homes in Sydney, just to get the juices flowing.

  • India

For those who are disillusioned with the state of the Western World, India can set you free. India is possibly the most diverse country in the world. With widespread mini-religions and ways of living found everywhere on the mainland. If you go at the right time of year, you’ll be welcomed by hot, humid weather.

On their first visit to India, most people suffer from immense culture shock. This isn’t a bad thing, though. You’ll notice your mind broadening and your heart soaring after a few weeks in an Indian city. Some even consider India to be the heart of our world culture, and the driving force for faith, worldwide.

  • The USA

But, what if you want something a little more similar to home? Well, that’s where the USA comes in. As you know, America is formed by fifty states. Some of these states are covered in desert and are arid. But, others are filled with lush forest and mountains. In some states, like California, you can get all three. Imagine skiing in the morning, followed by a trek across a desert, with the day ending with a cold beer on the beach.

America doesn’t lack culture, oh no. Instead, it’s filled with cultures from the world over. Based on the area that you travel to, you will find different food, events, and traditions. The US is steeped with rich history, as well. Much of this history is relatively modern, so, it’s well documented and easy to find!

Now you just need to book some time off work, get your passport up to date, and jump on a place! The most important thing to remember on your holiday is fun! Don’t let stress or little problems ruin your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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