I Will Never…

Things I said I’d never do when I become a parent-

I will never give my child food to keep them quiet.
Or give them junk food.
Or give them junk food to keep them quiet.
Or put them in front of the TV to keep them quiet.
Or give them junk food in front of the TV to keep them quiet…

I think you get the idea, I was a perfect parent before I had children. I didn’t know about the exhaustion, the noise and stress levels that parenting can bring, I didn’t know about the hormonal roller-coaster and the situations that are so difficult to deal with you wish the ground would swallow you up, AND I didn’t have a clue that parenting is the hardest (but most incredible) job I have ever and will ever do in my life.

I am sorry, truly sorry, for all the looks I’ve given people with kids that are screaming in the supermarket, as I have now been there and I know how it feels (that ground just would not swallow me up!), I am sorry for all the comments I made and I am terribly sorry to anyone I judged before I had kids for doing things that I now find myself doing (including the odd bag of Wotsits in front of cartoons).

Don’t get me wrong, of course I still judge certain things that I can’t understand, I am still human and it’s in our nature, I read it’s actually a safety mechanism, but I try REALLY hard not to, and if I find myself criticising any other parent I first ask myself if there is a way I can help that struggling person first, then remind myself I can’t possibly know the situation, what might seem like a child being ‘naughty’ (a word I try not to use), could be a child who has recently lost a relative, or had to undergo a massive change in circumstances, what seems like a child not “acting their age” might be a child with a disability other than physical, what might seem like a Mum that has no patience might be a Mum that has given her all, with no sleep or support for the whole of her children’s life time, who knows? It’s none of my business.

I was a very judgemental person before I had kids and now I have a clue and Karma is out to get me I am sorry, so very, very, very sorry! Parenting is a humbling experience, let’s support each other and see if we can help where we might have once criticised. I’ve learnt compassion through this crazy journey called ‘being Mummy’ and so can anyone. Never say never and don’t look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

Thank you for reading.


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