All The Important Job Hunting Tips That No One Ever Tells You




We’ve all been there before. Sitting at our laptops for hours on end, trying to find the perfect job opportunity. And then when you do finally find a job advert that lists all the skills and knowledge you have, it always takes hours completing an application and getting your CV just right. That’s a lot of effort, right? So there is no wonder that it always hurts when you get an email saying that your application has been rejected. To make sure you don’t keep having to face rejection, you really need to up your job application game. These tips should help you with that. (Psssst! People never tell you this important stuff, so make sure you keep all these tips to yourself!)

Your Online Presence Counts

Are you really vocal on Twitter? Do you have a blog of all your photography or personal writings? You need to make sure that none of your public online presence is giving off a bad impression of you. Recruiters and potential employers are now scouring the Internet to try and build up a picture of what all their applicants are like in person. If you come across as quite rude or crude online, you don’t stand a good chance of being invited for an interview. So maybe you should set your Twitter account to private!

Follow The Job Advert To The Letter

Job adverts are there for a reason. And that reason is to ensure that only the suitable people apply for the role. If you apply for a role that you don’t have the relevant experience or skills for, then there is no chance that you will get it. Especially in today’s competitive world. So, for instance, if one of the teaching jobs on Simply Education tell you that you need to have at least five years of experience working in primary schools, then you should only apply if you meet this requirement. Otherwise, you are only wasting everyone’s time.



Don’t Apply Just To Apply

For years, the advice to job hunters was that they should apply to as many jobs as possible. Even if they weren’t particularly qualified for the role. This advice was given because it was thought that doing a lot of applications would help job hunters perfect their CV and cover letter. However, these days, many companies can when people are applying for an open position just for the sake of it. It is now thought that just applying to apply is a waste of time, and certainly won’t stand you in a good chance for the job.

Recruiters Spend Seconds Reading Your Cover Letter

Recruiters and potential employers will only quickly scan read your cover letter. So, you shouldn’t spend weeks writing one. But, at the same time, you need to take some care when writing yours. Make sure it only contains the information that recruiters want to read. Be sure to also address any points in the job advert and description. As long as the main points are very clear, then it should impress most potential employers.

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