Interplay Fairy Garden Review

Who doesn’t like fairies? Grumpy people, that’s who, and I’m not a grumpy person (well, very often…) So when I was offered one with it’s very own garden I said yes please!

I thought the Fairy Garden from Interplay looked a little quirky, I can’t quite explain why but I haven’t seen anything quite like it before really.

The garden comes with everything you need to build your little garden, the foam house, little pebbles to make a path, a washing line, grass seeds, water feature, fairy and fairy dust of course.

Fairy Contents

I laid everything out to check it was all there, much to the dismay of the children who just wanted to get started ASAP,  then we located some soil to put in the lovely orange container that the garden was to be built on and set to work.


My eldest wanted the special job of putting the house together and the youngest wanted to scatter all the rest of the things about in no particular order ignoring the instructions! I did manage to direct the fairy garden building event effectively in the end, and we ended up with a really pretty garden. The girls decided to place the fairy together without any arguments, and were very proud of their efforts. My eldest even brought one of her own precious fairies to play with the new one for a while which I thought was cute.


Once the garden had been created and placed in just the right spot- the windowsill because the seeds needed sun of course! And the mess had been cleared away we had some fun making up little stories for our new fairy friend, I have spent a lot of time making up stories at bed time for my girls over the years and fairies usually pop up somewhere in my random tales, so it’s nice to have a bit of fairy tale fodder for my next made up adventure. I like the way in which the fairy garden inspired the girls to use their imagination.

One thing I did noticed was that the fairy’s face and dress was a little misprinted however this was an ideal opportunity to talk about the fact that everyone is different. So another learning opportunity for my girls and something they hardly noticed anyway.Fairies

My girls spent days checking if the grass seeds had grown, and in fact they sprouted up when we went away for the weekend, we came home and it had grown a few inches! The girls were thrilled and I was quite surprised.


We really enjoyed our fairy garden and it still has pride of place on our windowsill, If you would like your very own Fairy Garden from Interplay or any of their other lovely products please click here-


Thank you Interplay UK for sending us this wonderful little fairy garden to try out, we really did enjoy putting it together.


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