Magical Vacations For Kids That Dream Of A Winter Wonderland

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The spirit of Christmas is all about enchantment, fun, excitement, and snow! It’s a great time to spend with the kids because their anticipation is immense and they still believe in all the magic of Christmas. However, we’re not all lucky enough to get the snow that comes along with those feelings of wonder. Are you looking to go on an exhilarating Christmas vacation come holiday season? If so then take a look at these ideas for a true winter wonderland adventure.

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Finnish Lapland For Father Christmas

A festive trip to Lapland to meet the big man himself is up there on every child’s bucket list of dream vacations. It’s abundant in white powder snow, jingling bells, magical reindeer, and Santa’s workshop. In Lapland, children get to experience all the wonders of the Christmas season first hand. Visit Father Christmas in Lapland, and your kids will get to see a real Finnish winter wonderland, where dreams come true. Not only will they meet Santa Claus but they will also get to enjoy snow mobiling, husky sledding and tobogganing all on a pristine powder white snowy terrain. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that your kids will cherish forever. You can choose a weekend trip or a longer week’s stay where you’ll get to bunker down as a family in a cozy winter cottage. At Christmas, Finnish Lapland turns into a bewitching adventure playground of fairy lights and icicles. And if you go in December you may even get to see the elusive and very special Northern Lights making an appearance. Your kids will also enjoy feeding the winter animals, snow sculpting and snowshoeing. It’s the ultimate Christmas vacation!

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Christmas In A Hotel Made Of Ice

Sweden’s Ice Hotel is a majestic palace completely made of ice. Take your kids on this thrilling adventure and you’ll all get to spend a night on a bed sculpted out of ice. The designs are magnificent, and you’ll sleep on reindeer skins laid on top of sheets of ice, fully dressed in your thermals. In the morning you’ll be woken with a glass of lingonberry and ginger biscuits. It’s complete Christmas magic! The rest of your trip will be spent on a cozy winter chalet. And from here you can enjoy snow mobiling, husky rides, and a reindeer sled ride. You can even have a go at trying to lasso a reindeer like Santa Clause does! Adults will love the ice fishing, ice driving, and the Ice bar, also sculpted entirely out of ice. Father Christmas also makes a spectacular appearance on Christmas Eve. The Ice Hotel is situated above the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, so you and your family are guaranteed a white Christmas. Send Christmas day here, and you’ll also enjoy a bewitching torchlight procession to a beautiful Swedish church. Once at church, you’ll experience a traditional carol concert. Want to make it extra special for the children? Then why not arrange to be picked up on a husky ridden sled from the airport to make a spellbinding entrance to the Ice Hotel?

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