I’ve been threatening to join in with @onedad3girls #MySundayPhoto linky for a few weeks now and I’m so disorganised I keep missing it! But this week I was determined.

So here is my Sunday photo-


The story behind this one is that I wanted to do something to mark the end of the school year last week and treat my girls to an afternoon out after their last day in school, they have worked so hard this year and have both had amazing reports (and test results) so I asked them where they wanted to go. They both agreed that dressing as fairies and going to Cwmbran Boating Lake was what they wanted to do! Of course I took my camera along and am still editing the images of my girls as fairies, but so far I am really pleased with our efforts. This picture of a beautiful swan was a completely random quick shot, I didn’t check my settings, I didn’t think of how the shot was composed I just turned and shot it when I noticed he/she had dipped their head. Technically I can see everything wrong with it, but I really like it regardless, and the local paper even used it on their live blog and described it as a “beautiful photo” so I’m quite proud of that.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to set everything up and worry too much to get a good shot and have since relaxed a little when taking photos,¬†apart from trying to photograph some bumblebees yesterday, that was frustrating! A post to follow on that…





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