New Baby? New Life, New You!

For all women, having a baby is an extraordinary experience that fulfil one’s life. For many, being a mother is absolute achievement of a woman’s life. While all of this is true, and while you will love your baby like you have never loved before, you will also find yourself being overwhelmed with contradictory feelings and with a new waves of responsibility as you welcome Baby home. This little guide is there to help you get yourself organised through the first week as a new mother.


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Get Everything Ready In Advance

It is truly impossible for doctors and for mothers-to-be to be completely organized as to when they will be giving birth. In the most natural cases, your baby comes when he or she is ready, if you can enjoy a natural birth. However, there are also cases when the future mothers will need to have an induced birth, or even a C-section, which means that the date is written in the calendar. Whichever birth your baby will have, it is important to get as much ready as you can during the last weeks of your pregnancy. This includes, naturally, paying a very carefully attention to your 20-week scan as this is the scan during which the detection of disease or weaknesses can save your baby’s life. Among the things to prepare in advance, make sure that you have already decided on a name with your partner, as it will become difficult to think about it in the spur of the moment, and that you have sufficient baby clothes and items for the first weeks (don’t forget the nappies!)

Welcome Baby Into Your Life

This may sound like a silly thing to say, but it is important as new parents to fully embrace the changes in lifestyle when you have a baby. There are plenty of things that will never be the same, starting with your eight-hour night sleep, but it is all part of the fun of parenthood. Therefore, giving your baby a welcoming party is an important psychological step for most parents, as this is the moment when they can acknowledge that a new life begins. There is no need to throw an actual party, but starting with introducing your little bundle of joy to your friends, colleagues, and relatives with pre-made cards such as Sleepymoon Cards for example, is a good start. Then, it is important to ensure that your family network remains close around you, as this is not only a new life that starts for you, for your parents become grandparents, your siblings aunts and uncles, etc.

Don’t Panic

Having a baby means a lot of new responsibilities that you never thought about before. You will not become the perfect mummy in a day, so you need to relax and take it easy. As your baby grows, the signs will become more obvious and you will soon understand what he or she needs. But newborns are notoriously difficult to read. You may not immediately know whether baby needs the nappy to be changed, or a new drink. Don’t worry. Every parent starts here. The more you do, the easier it’ll be. So give yourself time, and accept that you will learn as you go.

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