No Weekend Plans? Amazing Places You Need To Visit In England

We are so lucky to have some amazing places in the UK. In fact, there are dozens of places I still haven’t been with my family. In fact, England is covered with amazing places which would make for a great weekend. And we’re not just talking about London! Therefore, you should consider visiting these amazing places for an enjoyable long weekend.

You should consider going to the amazing St Ives in Cornwall

So many people love going to Cornwall. And it’s no wonder why as some of the towns like St Ives are so picturesque. In fact, you are bound to get some wonderful photos if you do head to the land of Cornish pies and cream tea!  Therefore, you should consider taking your family to Cornwall if you are looking for a long weekend destination. Not only will you be impressed with the views, but the kids will all love the tourist attractions and the beach. In fact, you can all enjoy an ice cream aplenty in the tourist town. And St Ives is only one of the many beautiful places in Cornwall to discover. After all, there are still many less well-known places such as Roseland Peninsula that are simply beautiful and a must for your family.



You need to head to Windsor Castle and around this area

One amazing place you should consider heading to is Windsor. After all, the kids will love all of its main attractions such as the Windsor Castle and Legoland. And the great thing about going to the town is that it’s easy to reach from London. For example, you could join up a tour which takes you around Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath. With Stonehenge being one of the wonders of the world, and Bath having attractions like the Roman Baths to discover, it might make for a great trip for the whole family.


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You should head to the historic city of Cambridge

The beautiful city of Cambridge has so much more going for it aside from the many colleges and university. The city has so many historic sites which will make for a fantastic sightseeing trip. And as well as this, the many parks will offer a fun day for the kids. And if you love shopping, there is so many to look in at the city which ranges from high street to independent. And as well as this, you might opt for an afternoon of punting. It’s the closest you are going to get to Gondola without heading abroad!


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You should head for some fun in the city of Brighton

If your family is looking for some fun, you are bound to get it by going to the seaside town of Brighton. As well as the sandy beach, the town has some arcades and rides to keep your family busy. And you can expect a show a plenty on the pier during the evenings. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the sightseeing. As this article says, Brighton’s iconic Royal Pavilion is truly a sight to behold!4

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And don’t discount Windermere in the Lake District as it’s truly a sight to behold. In fact, millions flock there every year to see the beautiful lake!

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