My Photography Journey Part II

In my first ‘My Photography Journey‘ post I mentioned that my little Canon DSLR friend had been fixed and I was getting to grips with it. I have been getting reacquainted ever since and having some fun with it, but still on the auto and pre-set options, which is fine and I achieved some good results with it, but I was restricted and had to listen to what the camera suggested, that didn’t sit too well with me, I knew what I could see and what I wanted to capture but as wonderful as my little Canon is it doesn’t read minds, just levels.

So when Grrl Alex agreed to give me some tuition on how to handle my Canon effectively I was over the moon!

We started off going over the basics, Alex told me what ISO, F-Stop and Shutter speed were, we worked out how to change the settings on my camera and then she brought out some props for us to use, this consisted of three rubber ducks and a newspaper, it really helped bring the idea of depth of field into focus though, pun intended. Oh and also Snow White made an appearance.

Three little ducks went swimming one day…

Snow White

Once I had played with another lens of Alex’s and talked about how taking the “stabilisers off” the camera really gives you more creative licence with photography, we then went into the garden and tried a little bit of macro photography. It’s something I am keen to start playing with more, but it is harder than I thought, getting the correct focus up that close was not easy, but once I get my hands on my next bit of ‘glass’ and macro tube I will be on my way and practice makes perfect!


I was so incredibly grateful to Alex for taking the time to show me the basics and really helping me understand how to use my beloved camera with more skill. Please check out Alex’s website here if you are looking for a professional photographer in South Wales, she also takes some pretty lovely pictures of cakes too.

I tweeted Alex to say thank you for helping me learn –

So that’s exactly what I did, I will share with you the following day’s efforts soon, when I took a drive to the sea wall in Newport for some peace and quiet and camera practice. I realise my photography isn’t going to be for everyone though, and I am a bit overzealous with Photoshop right now, but I think of it as being at the toddler stage of my journey and still learning a lot and having fun (see those hand prints on the wall?…Yup that was me!), hopefully my enthusiasm will inspire someone else to give it a try though, and no I didn’t know what a diopter was either, I had been shooting blind until Alex showed me how to change it! Silly me.


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