My Photography Journey Part III!

Well we might start seeing a theme here, I might need to change the name of this little feature before long

I am a VERY keen amateur photographer and I won’t apologise for it. So this is following my Photography Journey Part II post, it was the day after Grrl Alex showed me how to handle my Canon, It was cloudy, typical, and I nearly didn’t go out as planned because I thought it would be too difficult to capture anything, but I remembered that Alex explained how to get the best from the light I have and bit the bullet.

I decided the sea wall in Newport would be a good idea as there are plenty of photo opportunities there, the sea, the … wall… And all the other things! I thought it best I check the tide times and trotted off with my camera when I knew the water would be high.

I arrived at the sea wall a little after the tide had turned and started shooting, I was having a bit of trouble getting a good landscape scene as it was a very grey day, and the sky and sea were the same colour, but I enjoy a challenge and decided to find an alternative angle or something else as grey and grey isn’t much fun (there weren’t any real dramatic clouds to be had either).

So I thought I should get a bit creative and look closer for some little animals maybe… Nope! Some seaweed?

Found some!

This image isn’t quite how I imagined it but it was a start.

Then I turned to the rocks.


Next I decided to take a nice angle of the wooden footpath gate thingy… Sure that’s a technical term!

Sea wall Sea Wall

I had a lot of fun editing these, I wanted a dramatic look and think I achieved that with the second one, but the first you can see England (just about).

Water Move

I think the above shot is one of my favourites, I wanted to catch the movement in the water and think I achieved that.

On the way back I stopped at a church. I didn’t even know it existed to be honest, I just saw the spire and took the turning, really glad I did though, it was very pretty and had some horses milling about nearby.


Church and other random things shot I was heading back home, then I saw a field of cows! Easy pictures, right? RIGHT? No, the hedge was too tall and the cows too interested in grass, awkward. This was the best of a bad bunch though…


I then turned around and saw a few things that looked interesting.

Brambles SignSignI couldn’t decide on the colour or black and white version of the sign, have a look at them both and tell me what you think!

Before heading home I managed to capture this one-


This image is really interesting to me, it’s not quite how I saw it at the time and it was interesting to see how it was on a screen, I didn’t even notice the little spiders web on there initially.

I thought I had a few nice images to play with and felt like I’d challenged myself, and decided to head home.

On my drive home I noticed these boats, I’ve seen them before a few times but stopped the car again and jumped out, I took a few shots finally went home for a cup of tea. I rather like these images but they weren’t quite what I was trying to capture, there are rolling hills nearby and wanted a good shot of them, but it was grey remember? It wasn’t happening at all.

Boat Boat

That ends my first post since spending the afternoon with Grrl Alex and not using Auto settings at all. I had some fun and think I came away with some half decent shots. I really enjoyed playing with them in Photoshop and look forward to my next session.

Also I think it’s worth mentioning that these photos were all taken in Newport, pretty amazing I think, we’re lucky to have such lovely views and countryside around us!

Next I want to practice photographing people, I have some volunteers and hopefully (with their permission) I can share those with you too.

What do you think? I please myself currently and am loving photography as a hobby but would be good to hear other’s opinions too.


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