My Photography Journey

So here’s the long story short- I LOVE taking photos, anyone that knows me will know that I have taken thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of photographs of my children, pets, scenery and anything else that catches my eye, I have had to balance this out slightly because I have found I’ve missed moments in the past because I was just too engrossed in getting the photo right, but I have curbed this over the years, especially when it comes to family events; It’s nice to capture the moment but it’s also nice to capture it in your memory too.

When I broke my DSLR on my daughters first Christmas eve I was devastated, I had no way to capture her first Christmas morning, only a grainy camera phone. It has been years and years without what I would call a ‘decent’ camera, and making do and there has always been something more pressing to spend money on. But last week I decided I had to get my beloved camera fixed, and I am incredibly happy I did. I get the odd bout of anxiety (I will write a post on that in the future) and have been craving a distraction for a few weeks so the camera being fixed has come at exactly the right time. We are going on a little break away soon as well and this will certainly help me capture the experience!

So after watching a couple of YouTube videos about how to use my camera properly I woke up to an incredibly cold and frosty morning, and after the school run I decided to spend a little time playing around with the camera and here are some of my favourite photos-

I love the light on this one-


Something a bit different, find a frozen puddle, smash it and stand it up then shoot!-


Very much a winter composition this one-

Dead leaf

Little cat paw prints-

Cat Print

Loved how everything glittered this morning-


Icy Evergreen

Through trees

And of course a nosey cat had to be involved!

Ice and Cat

That’s all for now, but as I get to grips with my lovely little Canon again and learn the ropes I will share more of my photography journey with you.

Stay safe on these freezing cold days!

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