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So this weekend my daughter text me her Christmas list, now aside from the fact it has only just turned October for crying out loud! It wasn’t too horrid if I’m honest.

It got me thinking about what I would like from Santa this year, and since I’m still obsessed with photography it will be heavily ‘gear’ orientated I’m afraid, and I thought I would share some of my wish list here.

To start with I will choose space. That’s right, just a warm and dry studio space with some plain walls, lighting and some facilities (for making tea). You see I’m turning work away right now because I haven’t found the right space yet which sucks!

A photo by Alexander Dummer.

Lenses are next on my list and the Sigma 85mm 1.4 is really intriguing! I love my 24-104 Art so cannot wait to get my hands on that beauty!

Off out to play with @canonuk and Sigma. That’s some glass right there! Excited 😆 #photography #glass #lens #canon #exciting #photographer #welshparentbloggers

A photo posted by Sarah (@hillsdaffodils) on

Some prints for my walls would have to be included as well, I have so many hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos on my laptop and I hardly ever print any of them, it’s a real shame, so I will definitely be getting some more prints for the walls.

And finally a less conspicuous camera, because I really like street photography, but with my big DSLR and big lens it can be a bit scary to be sat looking like the paparazzi, so a camera like the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic would be perfect, and the features look pretty amazing too!

So hopefully I will get at least one of my wishes this year, either that or work hard to buy them myself!

What is on your Christmas list this year?


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