The Duchess of Cambridge’s Post Birth Look

So there we have it, the new princess is born, George has a baby sister to grow up with and the British monarchy have a brand new family member. Personally I think it’s wonderful and any birth of a new born baby deserves celebrating.

But just as last time the media and public have already started commenting on how Kate looked when she stepped out onto the steps of the Lindo Wing.

These were my thoughts when I saw her stepping out of the building, still raw with emotion and no doubt physically exhausted, like any woman that has just been through the incredible experience of birth-

“Careful on those steps, oh no worries, William has her, look at his protective arm. Aww.”

“Her smile! She looks so proud and happy! So glad Wills is chatting to her and making sure she’s OK. I like him”

“OH! Look at that sweet little baby’s face! Adorable! She’s like a mini queen!”

“Kate is absolutely glowing! I love that dress too”

Of course I know my opinion is a drop in the ocean in the millions out there but here’s the thing, I have read a lot today along the lines of “I didn’t look like that after I had my baby!”, “how did she do that?!” and so on, but I have to say this-

Every woman I have ever seen post birth looked absolutely beautiful, not one post birth photo has ever made me think the woman looks “awful” as many have described themselves today, and that just isn’t good enough, as I am sure Kate would agree, every mother after birth has a special glow, a mixture of love, pride, emotion, relief and shock. Every new life is incredible and every time a woman gives birth is special.

The first photo of me post birth first time is a little different as I am covered in an oxygen mask and tubes everywhere, but I am still smiling and so relieved to be alive quite honestly, and the second post birth image is still one of my favourites of me and my girl.

I recently watched a new friend’s birth video, and it is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen, with her looking absolutely beautiful. Another friend had a baby last week and the first picture of her with her tiny new baby brought a tear to my eye. Incredible!

So congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and little George on your new baby, and to all new Mums (including Kate)- you are beautiful! Now go and cwtch those tiny babies and forget how you look post baby, I’m sure Kate was kicking off those heels and throwing her pyjamas on as soon as she arrived home like the rest of us!

* A cwtch is Welsh for a hug (for those that didn’t know!)



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