We Quite Like Newport Wetlands

When the wetlands in Newport first opened its doors in 2008 (apparently, that long ago?!) I remember thinking “that sounds a bit ‘outdoorsy’, not for me thanks” because I’m not really a walking though the woods type, and would rather slob about the sofa eating biscuits to be honest. Plus this anxiety of mine really puts ideas in my head like- what if one of the girls gets stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction? Or what happens if someone breaks an ankle?! I know, it’s fun living in my broken brain. 

But somewhere along the line I managed to overcome those slightly irrational fears, it was likely one of the children deciding they have to go there, and so even though I don’t remember the first time we visited exactly I do know we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember noting how flat the walk is, how lovely the picnic area was, and that within a 5 minutes walk we found ourselves at a lovely little lighthouse on the beautiful Welsh coastline. It also felt just outdoors enough but also ‘safe’ for small children and wimps like me.

Fast forward a while and I ended up helping out at my youngest daughter’s nursery school trip, at the Newport Wetlands, we went pond dipping, discovered the mini beasts in the mini beast mansion and even caught some bugs in the long grass with nets. So much for panicking about stings! The staff were lovely and my girl had such a fun time, she also clearly burnt off lots of energy as she fell asleep on the bus on the way back! Cute. 

More recently I’ve taken both my girls to the wetlands and got caught out in the rain, luckily we found the bird hide before it poured down! Which was followed by jumping in puddles and bright and cloudy skies.

So on the weekend I decided to take my eldest out for the afternoon, I do try and spend some “quality time” with each of my girls from time to time, as well as the family time we have together. The plan was to go to the cinema together but we couldn’t find anything that fitted our time frame so I suggested the Newport Wetlands, she jumped at the chance and we had a lovely time there in the end. We both enjoyed looking at the various birds and wildlife, even though it’s less active there in the winter, and I managed to take a few nice photos too which is always a bonus! 

The Newport Wetlands is run by the RSPB and the shop is stocked well with money raising merchandise and lovely things to help the wildlife at home in your gardens, plus the lovely cafe has a good collection of drinks and snacks to keep the energy levels up. But neither is compulsory if you don’t have the funds of course.

I love the fact there are lots of different routes around the Newport Wetlands so you can choose a long or short stroll. Plus I think all the kids would agree the playground is pretty awesome and even includes a zip wire!

I’m sure most people in Newport have heard about the Newport wetlands and if you’re reading this comment below what you think of it, if you haven’t heard of the Newport Wetlands then give it a try, I’d highly recommend it.

Here’s a little video so you can see what I mean:


To find out more please visit- Wetlands

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