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Well it has been a little while since I’ve been here sorry, but I have agreed to write a little review of the rather cool Render Forest website and tell you a bit about how to use it.

To start with I created an account which was very simple and started browsing the many templates available, I really liked the look of the logo creators and started playing around with a few.

I didn’t realise I needed a clear background on a PNG file but that makes sense really, so created one to be getting on with.



The creation process is really really easy, and the interface is so simple and clear, I can’t see anyone not being able to use it really! I’m really impressed with the choice of templates as well, I could spend hours trying them all out, and probably have up to now!

Each logo and video design is different and some of them are even further customisable either with different colour schemes, music options and even voice overs, I think it would be difficult to find another service like this one for the flexibility and ease of use. I am really happy with this one.


Here’s a little example of what I came up with in the end. It’s far from perfect but I am carrying on happily creating with this and will be making plenty of videos I think!


To try Render Forest out yourself click here- Render Forest

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