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Before the ‘summer’ arrived (and swiftly left again) I was invited to try out a Rocket Garden, a Rocket Garden is basically a garden in a box, delivered directly to your door, the plants are pre- sown and all you have to do is plant them and look after them. We were sent a ‘Small Vegetable Garden’ to try out and here is what I thought of it.

Prior to receiving the Rocket Garden I had plenty of information about what was included, how to prepare the area for the little plants and how long delivery was likely to be, I was sent a few emails including links to growing guides, and a pack in the post which for someone like myself that has never grown vegetables before was perfect. I was even given guidelines on how to prepare the area for planting. So I bought a few tubs and compost to prepare.

The delivery arrived as expected, and I was impressed at how well packaged they were, all safely protected with straw, which was a bit tricky to get some of the plants out safely but ideal for purpose otherwise. But to cut a long story short I underestimated what a ‘small’ vegetable garden would contain, despite the information beforehand, needless to say that once I had finished planting the rocket I had run out of room pretty much, yes really.


So my Mum came to the rescue, she has been growing her own vegetables for the last few years and really enjoying her garden, but hadn’t been able to plant anything this year due to working on the house instead. So she gladly picked up the rest of the baby plants and put them straight in her raised beds. It’s safe to say that when Rocket Gardens say the Small Vegetable Garden is enough for a small allotment they aren’t kidding!

IMG_2590Once the little plants had been re-homed we just watered, chased birds and snails away, watered and watched as they grew, and grow they did, before long we had an abundance of various lettuce, beans, peas, carrots, cabbage, dwarf beans, curly kale, tomatoes and a fair few other things, a really excellent selection. It was great to just pick what we needed and seeing them grow week on week, everything grew well especially the dwarf beans and tomatoes. The peas didn’t thrive as much but I guess that’s the luck of the draw, plus considering the summer we’ve had (or not had) it’s not surprising some things didn’t do as well.

IMG_6263I can’t emphasise just how many vegetables we harvested from such a small box that I received, it was amazing to see, and even though my Mum was looking after them me and my little girls enjoyed pulling them up and eating them. It’s nice to show children that food doesn’t come in packets, and the process of growing food from a tiny plant to a full size lettuce or carrots. It tied in nicely with things they have been learning in school too so there was an educational element to it as well.

IMG_3125The only problem we had was the carrots didn’t seem to grow right which was a bit of a disappointment, but we think the weather had a part to play in that. IMG_6266

We even had some peas straight from the pod one day and they were really sweet.

Throughout the summer I didn’t have to buy hardly any salad as there was enough rocket to sink a ship, and the rest of the family enjoyed the various other vegetables in excess too, so very healthy.

Overall we thought the Small Vegetable Garden was excellent and even though I misjudged and they ended up somewhere other than planned it worked out for the best. I’d definitely consider buying one next year, will just plan a little better next time!

IMG_6283The Rocket Gardens website has plenty of various options from a few plants to a large allotment size box (I can’t imagine where you would put them all though) and I was very happy with how much food we ended up with.

For more information, a Rocket Garden of your own, autumn garden selections, school boxes and even camping! Click here- Rocket Gardens

Disclosure- We were gifted the Small Vegetable Garden for the purpose of an honest review.

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