Kids in the Wild: Creating a Sensory Garden


Photo by John M

Spending time in the garden with your kids is a great way to have some quality time together. However, all too often, a garden is set up for adults, with not a lot of thought given to children. Perhaps the most fun many kids get out of being in the garden is running around. But you can make a garden suitable for kids, so they enjoy exploring and engaging with it. A sensory garden is a great idea for kids of all ages, offering lots of ways to get involved.

Create a Visually Varied Space

Firstly, a sensory garden should have lots to look at. While a neat lawn might be pleasing to your eyes, children are more likely to find it a little dull. There are many ways you can create a visually exciting garden using plants and other elements. In addition to a diverse range of plants and flowers, you can use things like colourful pots, a climbing trellis, wind chimes and garden ornaments.

Choose Lots of Textures

Being able to look but not touch isn’t much fun for anyone, especially children. In the garden, you have the opportunity to create a space where kids are encouraged to touch everything to see what it feels like. A garden can naturally have lots of textures, from the tickle of grass to the rough bark of a tree. You might also want to add some other things, like a sand and water station.

Think About Sound Creatively

Sound can be a little more difficult to add to your garden, but there are several ways to do it. For example, you can hang wind chimes or choose plants that rustle in the breeze. Another great option is a water feature. If you click here, you can find some options for pumps that will keep a fountain flowing. Flowing water sounds great and can be calming to watch too, as well as being good to touch.


Photo by Sally Allsop

Find Fragrant Flowers

A garden that smells great can be really enjoyable for both kids and adults. Although, you might want to be careful about the scents you choose. Some people can’t stand particular fragrances, and you wouldn’t want something you don’t like in your garden. It’s best to pick things out at a garden centre or plant nursery so you can have a good sniff. It’s also a fun thing to do with kids because a garden centre will offer up a lot more space filled with plants than your garden has.

Add Some Fruit and Veg

Even taste can be catered for in a sensory garden. A vegetable patch or some fruit plants or trees could be a good idea, or perhaps just some herbs. There are some easy things to grow, like runner beans, which the kids can pick directly off the plant and taste. Not everyone has a lot of space, but you don’t need much to grow one or two things.

A sensory garden creates a brilliant place for kids to enjoy, and it’s a good space for adults too. It’s an interesting way of getting kids to spend time outdoors.


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