Shamballa Jewellery Making Set Review

I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure we’ve all seen a shamballa bracelet or two, necklaces, earrings and so on scattered around various places over the last couple of years and many of us probably own the odd piece or two, I think they always give such a wonderful shine and come in all sorts of colours in their unique style. Recently my first born was asking if she could have a shamballa bracelet, so when we were asked to review the Shamballa Jewellery making set of course I said yes! This is what we thought.

Shamballa Ice Jewellery Instructions

The box that the kit came in was bright and showed exactly what you are able to make from the kit and the instructions clear and well laid out. The girls quickly decided they were going to make the earrings for me for mothers day (neither of them has their ears pierced either) and they would have a little bracelet each, so they chose their colours whist declaring that because they are ‘ice’ colours they could be frozen bracelets! Of course anything to do with ice or snow or talking snowmen is now Frozen related in most children’s homes now…

Shamballa Beads

At this point I will admit I got into a little bit of a pickle, I am a kinaesthetic learner and reading instructions isn’t my strong point, so I ended up tying myself up in knots (pun intended), but in the end I managed to make two little bracelets for the girls and a nice pair of earrings, with some help from my little ladies, and we were all more than happy with the results.

New earrings! Review up later #earrings #shamballa #homemade #review

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The quality of the beads were spot on and no different to any shamballa beads I have seen in the past and certainly better quality than I would expect from a children’s craft set. I would say though that the recommended age on the box is correct, my eldest daughter was happy to help out and knew what was required, and sometimes we will buy things for the girls that are a bit over their age range as they can usually make things and work things out with a bit of help, but this craft set is certainly aimed at children 8 years and upwards I would say. Saying that I know plenty of children would love this little set and my girls were very happy with their bracelets and I with my pretty sparkly earrings. See?…

handShamballa earrings

When we were putting everything away at the end it really helped to have a nice little pink box with different compartments to keep everything tidy, as someone who is forever losing things I appreciated this added extra a lot.


I will no doubt be returning to this set in the near future to have a go at making a couple of necklaces with the girls, to match our earrings and bracelets, and look forward to reviewing other toys from Interplay UK.

(Disclaimer- This set was sent to me for purpose of review.)

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