It’s Snow Joke! You Really Can Experience A Family Arctic Safari


Flickr Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

If you’ve already seen the ‘big five’ in Africa, gotten up, close, and personal with Australia’s famous furry mascots and experienced holding a water dragon you might think there are not many animals left to see. However, thanks to some pretty cool organisations you can take a trip to the snowiest corners of the earth to hang out with polar bears, baby seals and even arctic wolves.

What’s There To See?

Canada is home to a truly magical array of creatures from whales, polar bears, penguins, arctic foxes, seals and buffalo. While on safari you and the kids’ll have the chance to go dog sledging, being pulled along by a husky dog team the way the people of the First Nations and the explorers of yesteryear travelled. Not to mention trying heated tent ice fishing, snowshoeing, igloo building as well as spending time watching polar bears and having the

chance to take pictures of and cuddle a fluffy baby seal. Arctic tours are extremely popular and due to weather conditions trip lengths will vary. The fall Aurora season starts in July, lasting until October while the winter sessions go from November until April. According to meteorologists, these are the best times of the year to try and see the Aurora Borealis, an incredible natural phenomenon where glowing coloured lights illuminate the night sky in a blaze of colour.

Where Do I Stay?

There are a range of packages you can choose from such as staying in style at a five-star gold rated Capital Suites hotel, but there’s also lots of other hotels, lodges, guest houses and even hostels in the area that you can book separately. If you are travelling solo, it’s usually good to have a word with the tour operator as you can often share with a roommate. Why not make your Arctic adventure holiday a real once-in-a-lifetime trip? Step aboard an Aurora cruiser that has all your creature comforts on board plus superb dining rooms, shops, a heated swimming pool and bespoke ‘ice deck’ with powerful heaters. If you’re looking to fly directly to the Aurora ‘hunting’ site you’ll still need to bring all official documentation with you, including your Passport and ETA so visit to find out more.


Flickr Photo Credit: UNclimatechange

How Cold’s It Going To Get?

Temperatures in the Arctic definitely fluctuate so don’t be surprised if it gets as high as five degrees or as low as minus 20! Either way, you’re going to need to dress warmly, so much so that various companies offer winter clothing packages that include gear you’ll need to keep the cold out. The easiest way to dress is by utilising your body’s own natural abilities, so the first layer, i.e. your thermal underwear, socks and t-shirts are the base layer. When looking for clothing, if not already supplied, avoid buying cotton and instead consider wool, or polyester as cotton will stick to the wet skin making you chilly. The next layer needs to insulate so layer on micro fleeces, lined leggings and under gloves before putting your ski, or polar jacket, trousers and hat on over the top.


Flickr Photo Credit: caroline CCB

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