The Spirited Child

I’ve never really agreed with labelling children, but for the sake of keeping this short, since- a child that seems to have extra energy, an interesting view of the world, an unmatchable humour and NO OFF SWITCH! Is a little long winded, I will call these darling children ‘spirited’.

I am the very proud parent of a ‘spirited’ child, if you’ve given birth to one yourself you know exactly what this means, and if you aren’t sure if you have a spirited child check out my little list and see if you can relate.

Sleep is for the weak

That’s right, these wonderful little beings aren’t a fan of sleep, because quite frankly they have better things to do, this was my first glimpse of what having a spirited child meant, mine hardly slept FOR YEARS! Zzzzz…

The constant energy

Your child hasn’t slowed down doing whatever it is they are doing for an hour, you took them for a long walk in the fresh air to “wear them out” and you are shattered, but your child is not. Sigh! We know that children are energetic, and that saying “I wish I could bottle it”? Well, yes, me too! Because then I could put lid on it and get some sleep!

How did you get there?!

Have you found your child in an impossible place? On top of a refrigerator? Stuck in the tiniest gap between a cupboard and wall? Have you found them in the middle of doing something you would never imagine possible? Yes, it can be funny and terrifying in equal measures. The amount of times I have said “get down from there please!” is impressive. Which leads me on to…

How did you do that?!

Whilst you are in Zombie-Mum mode your darling spirited child finds entertainment in the most unusual forms… Has the Sudocreme from head to toe (and all over the bloody walls) scenario ever happened to you? Just once? Twice? THREE TIMES?! Noooo me neither because that’s not possible right?!


Hospital- Where everybody knows your name

A spirited child pushes the limits and boundaries constantly, if there is a reason not to do something they will ignore it and carry on regardless, which can sometimes be a little dangerous. They fall out of trees, run into other spirited children who end up concussed, and find coins that look tasty to eat (Really?!) so when you are sat in A&E for the third time in as many months, and the nurses greet you with a knowing smile as you wish the ground would swallow you up, the comments such as “we see it all the time” really help, paediatric nurses you are wonderful.


Just that really, shoes, lots and lots of shoes, the amount of wear they get means there are holes in them all the time, those expensive brands with all sorts of ‘tough technology’? Forget it, they are no match for the spirited child, if your’s is a girl and you are looking to gain tips from this post I will say one thing- Patent school shoes are a BAD idea.


I have had the usual flowers from my spirited child (ones that are all dried up and in pieces from being shoved in her school pocket all day), I’ve had paintings of a vampire Sponge Bob, I have had stones, rocks, moss, snails…. You get the idea, and each one is as precious to the spirited child and myself of course! It’s amazing the type of gifts a spirited child will give.

What did you say?

“Awww Darth Vadar is so CUUUUTE” and other random things are free falling from a spirited child’s mouth, these can be hilarious- “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it got squashed!” and sweet -“I love you more than cheese Mummy”, but there is always something strange to be said.

And finally, all the emotions…

I find that ‘spirited children’ seem to feel more, they deal with this through noise, the squeals of excitement, the screams of protest, the laughter, oh the wicked laughter. They seem to love unconditionally, give the best hugs, have an empathy for others and want to make people laugh, they just enjoy life and tend to be an uplifting (if a little exhausting) presence, and I have learnt a lot from my own spirited child. Plus when they pick up the keys of their Daddy’s broken keyboard and bring you this who can complain? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Youngest daughter just brought this to me. So sweet! #love #daughter #sweet #parenting

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So do you have a spirited child? Let me know in the comments below if you can relate at all, please say I’m not alone!




This is a little attempt at humour, but if you genuinely struggle with your children’s behaviour please seek help. 

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