Stick Man At The Sherman Theatre

The whole theatre was clapping, cheering and whistling at the three marvellous people that had filled their last hour with joy, and my youngest daughter shouted “MOOOORRREEE! WOOOHOOO!”. So I had a little nose at the people around me, yes, they had all enjoyed The Stick Man show at the Sherman Theatre, and I haven’t quite seen such a reaction and such a large crowd for a children’s theatre show yet (pantomimes excluded of course, but they are a separate entity in my opinion).

We rushed into the Sherman with the small people still in uniform, myself hassled and sticky (no pun intended) from running around, and collapsed into our seats. It had taken us an hour and 15 minutes to get from the school to the theatre, and the thought had crossed my mind that I hoped it was worth the effort! Of course it was, this was THE STICK MAN, and I was more excited than the girls to get the chance to see it.

The show started with three people on the stage reciting Stickman and all the children in the room settling down, except the rustle of snacks (well it was after school time) and left over easter eggs in our case. The first thing I noticed was the energy of this show, as with other theatre shows aimed at children the set was simple but incredibly versatile, and with the speed and enthusiasm these actors moved I hardly noticed the scene changes.

Now if you have read the Stickman book by Julian Donaldson with your children, you will know the story off by heart, the story does not change for theatre, in fact I’m pretty sure it was recited word for word, however the way in which the story was told was very imaginative, between the full on acting as a dog, to the “STICK MAN OH STICK MAN!” called over the megaphone there was little chance for any of the younger audience to get bored, and even though I knew I’d enjoy the show I didn’t realise quite how much. I came home straight home to tell my friends and family how much we loved it, and so did the girls.

My children argued over the best parts, “the girl” that played ‘Stick lady love’, the dog and many others, and “the musician” that kept the mood lively and played a mean saxophone solo at one point, were both favourites for the girls, however I think Stickman himself did an outstanding job, of course expectations for such a classic story and the main character were high, but I think he nailed it, I found the story told in a thoughtful and fun way and the audience really did erupt at the end with appreciation, and I was thankful I got to see such a special show.

And as Santa waved to the children at the end and shouted “Merry Christmas” the laughter and slight confusion from everyone was a lovely note to end on. Plus the Stickman song was fun and really catchy, and I have found myself humming the tune on many occasions since.

I checked if the show is anywhere nearby in the future and found that it is in Borough Theatre in Abergavenny on the 10th May so grab your tickets now! You won’t regret it.

Details of other show times and places on the Scamp theatre website linked below.

Thank you to Scamp Theatre for such a brilliant production and the Sherman Theatre for inviting us.

(Disclaimer- Tickets were provided for purpose of review.)


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