Think You Know Country? Why Not Get To Know These Entirely New Versions


When you live in the countryside, the slower pace of life, the fresh air, and the incredible close-knit communities can be second to none. You can quite often love your lifestyle and barely imagine anything that could come close. If heading to a city or a busy coastal destination sounds like a nightmare to you, then why not focus your next travel plans on a home from home? That’s right, why not head out into the countryside in a completely new country? Yes, you will find some of your home comforts across these new lands, but you will also experience the exact breath of fresh air you always look for in a holiday.


If we’re going to compare the impeccable English countryside to any other country in the world, it’s got to be France, right? If you want to find the rolling hills, the wild animals, and the full range of colours that you’d usually find at home, when you’re away, then the French countryside is calling your name. You’ll get that slow pace of life that you love, but a massive dose of culture, history, and fresh French baguettes will come along with it.


And then we have the beautiful Republic of Ireland. Just a stone’s throw across the pond, you can leave your home and be on a like for like land in just a few short hours, but still feel like you’re on holiday. Irish people are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. Plus, you’re spoilt for choice with the picturesque (countryside) towns of Clifden, Doolin, or Kenmare, available to you.


If you want to go a little more further afield, then North America might just be calling your name. To find incredible small towns and breathtaking countryside that will make you feel right at home, head to the Midwest. But, if you want to feel like you’re really at home, yet still take in that patriotic American culture, it’s New England that you should see. Just remember to get your visa waiver before you go (the Official ESTA site can help with that).


For stunning views with a twist, it’s Italy! It’s almost always Italy, even when you want to venture out to the coast! Italy can provide you with the beautiful countryside and the incredible weather all in one. Tuscany is an obvious first choice with its charming culture and famous views, but you might also want to go off the beaten track. Experience the life (and eat the food) of locals by heading to Abruzzo or Valle d’Aosta, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.


For times when you want a quick weekend away, or when you’re tired of travelling further afield, you have to visit Wales. With it being so close to home, it can often get overlooked, but the Welsh countryside really is incredible. Visit the valleys, paddle on the shore and stay in seclusion to really make the most of your time away in an idyllic countryside retreat.


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