Treetop Adventure Golf Review

In the St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff (floor 3 of the car park to be exact), there is a new adventure golf centre called Treetop Adventure Golf. I had heard of it and some of my friends have mentioned it, but hadn’t managed to check it out myself as yet, but last weekend we were asked to go an have a look and review it.

BarWhen we arrived, rushed and late as always, we had a little drink and sit down with some gorgeous brownies and we met Rachel, who explained the golf rules and pointed out some of the features she enjoys, she had a little chat to the girls and sent us on our way. We were impressed straight away at all the things to look at! We tried the Ancient Explorer course first and the scenery around the course was really fun, with an Aztec feel and some fun bits and pieces dotted around. My favourite part had to be the storm with the rain noises, lightening and the odd clap of thunder.



As we made our way around the course I was waiting for my youngest daughter to get bored as she tends to with crazy golf, but she was in fact really interested the whole way around, my husband gave her some tips on how to hold the club properly and she even did better than me in parts, I did get two hole in ones though.

Hole in one

So the Treetop Adventure Golf had everyone entertained and we enjoyed some quality time as a family, which is always lovely, then after the husband had totalled up the scores, we had the chance to sample some Little Welsh Deli pasties, lets just say they didn’t last long and I skipped dinner in the evening as I was still full! I tried the Smoky Joe option and the husband had the Steak and Ale one, both were gorgeous. They weren’t the only local produce on offer either, apparently they have beer from Newport and all sorts of other local produce on offer. The tea and coffee was lovely too, and we loved the safari style plates and cups etc.

IMG_3098 IMG_3096

We then tee’d off on the Tropical Trail course once we had finished our pasty and toilet break- It’s worth mentioning the toilets were completely in keeping with the rest of the theme with such brilliant details, a fountain style.

I was determined to win this round and we all concentrated a bit harder, whilst making sure we didn’t slow anyone behind us down, it was Saturday afternoon and VERY busy after all. The girls really enjoyed spotting the different animals and they were in the swing of things with their clubs (pun intended) so they really enjoyed the second round.

IMG_7053 IMG_7067

When we reached the tree with a smiling face my youngest was a little unsure at first, but when she realised she was a harmless ‘Nanna’ with a proper Welsh voice it quickly became her favourite thing!


On our way around I noticed there were a fair few groups of adults and I discovered that Treetop caters for hen and stag dos, kids parties and corporate events, and there did seem to be a good mix of people there having fun yesterday.


Of course the husband won both rounds, and even won at the 19th hole, where you get a chance to win a free round! Not that I am a sore loser but how annoying?!

Even though the Treetop golf was really popular, there didn’t seem to be much waiting around time either on the courses or the cafe/ bar area, and as a busy parent that is always something I appreciate, hanging around is not how I like to spend precious family time, and the staff really were working hard to keep everything running smoothly it seemed.

Rachel did say that Treetop Adventure Golf will be introducing some new features over time so we’ll definitely be back to see what they are! We thoroughly enjoyed our family afternoon out and would recommend it as a great family activity in Cardiff. To be honest I can imagine it’s really fun as a group activity before a night out too, although my terrible balance nearly saw me fall on my face a few times over the lumpy bumpy course so that could be interesting.

Let me know in the comments if you have been and what you thought?

Disclaimer- We were guests at the Treetop Adventure Golf for the purpose of an honest review.

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