These Tricks Will Have Your Whole Family Sleeping Through The Night

Sleep is one of our bodies most important needs, yet so many of us aren’t getting enough of it. Us parents do try, but getting a good night’s sleep becomes one of life’s most sought after luxuries once our little ones come along.

Trying to get your children into a good bedtime routine is also pretty tricky. We can’t quite bring ourselves to believe the stories of babies and toddlers sleeping through the night from smiling, glowing parents, but for those of you who doubt it, it can happen! Children are capable of sleeping through an entire night and it is possible for you to get an undisturbed night’s sleep more than once a month.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure you and your little ones get the best sleep possible.

  1. Go easy on the wine (this one is strictly parents, obviously)

Sometimes the thought of having a few glasses of wine once the kids are off to bed is the only thing that gets us through a painfully stressful day. It might seem like a good idea at the time and of course, alcohol does help us to doze off a lot quicker than usual. But it also means your sleep is going to be iinterrupted as you’re more likely to wake up frequently.

  1. Cosy feet


Image from Pexels

If you’re one of those who gets freezing cold feet at night, much to your partner’s annoyance, then slip on a pair of fresh winter socks. According to studies, having warm feet speeds up the process of falling to sleep.


  1. Get the right support


Image from Pexels

Having a decent mattress for both yourself and your children is extremely important to getting a good night’s sleep. The only problem is that getting a suitably comfortable one means raiding the bank, which isn’t always an option, especially for those of us with children. For your kids, a single bed memory foam mattress topper will do the trick, though you might find getting them out of bed an ever harder task afterwards.

  1. Tire them out

One way you’re all guaranteed a great night’s sleep is by exhausting both yourself and the kids. Getting them out in the fresh air is much healthier than having them sit at home in front of the TV, plus all the running around will mean they are practically sprinting for their beds. For the non-walkers and bum shufflers, this might just mean a tantrum before bed but I can assure you it’s because they want to be there. Check out my ideas on how to keep the kids entertained with outdoor activities.

  1. Welcome the dark


Image from Flickr

Having a dark room is the best way to rest your body. Even the subtle glow from an alarm clock can disrupt your sleep, so investing in a sleeping mask will help you dream the night away.

  1. Cool down

A cool room is actually a great way of keeping your body comfortable in bed. Most of us love to wrap up in thick winter duvets in the cold months, but our body can overheat and waking up in a hot mess is never fun. A portable air cooler is a cheaper alternative to having air conditioning fitted.

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