Trolls review

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy the Trolls movie, I thought it would be a bit too sickly sweet, but that will teach me for being negative!

I took my girls to Cineworld Newport in Spytty retail park one day after school as a special treat, they had already asked me if we could see Trolls a few times so thought it would be nice for them (I wasn’t keen, see above).

So I shelled out for the popcorn and drinks, which of course were over priced, it’s the cinema (it’s not compulsory though, I think I saw a Mumsnet thread about it), but the staff were lovely… 

We then sat through the many trailers and the film started. I instantly felt myself pulled along with the colourful narrative, found myself emotionally invested within about 15 minutes and routing for Princess Poppy throughout the film, I should have known better than to doubt a DreamWorks film really. How can you not like a film where the main characters just love to sing and dance and hug, and dance and sing and hug and dance and sing and… You get the idea!

So we follow Princess Poppy on her quest to save her friend, and ultimately friends, but will leave the spoilers out, and the many bright and colourful friends she meets along the way. The scrapbooking, singing and cheerful Troll is positive pretty much the whole time, and I found myself wondering if some of us could learn a little from this bright haired and bright eyed troll? I think I can. 

True to form there were a couple of jokes for the adults (a lot fewer than most though), plenty of laugh out loud moments and sad moments too. Of course the usual moral dilemmas were scattered about as well. I have to say the slightly unusual romantic storyline was sweet and I was happily cheering on Bridget (or Princess Glitter Sparkles). Not literally of course, nobody likes shouty people in the cinema!  

Overall it’s a bit of a feel good film, amazing DreamWorks quality and something that children and adults can enjoy together. Plus some great tunes and some famous voices thrown into the mix, the Justin Timberlake song “Can’t stop the feeling” is very catchy and was nominated for a Golden Globe!

We of course now have Trolls lurking in our house everywhere, and have sang the songs a more times, but I really don’t mind. Great film that we will be buying when it is released next month! 

*We were invited as guests of Cineworld Spytty for the purpose of an honest review, watch out for more collaborations with Cineworld!*

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