Weekend Box Review

A few weeks ago I was sent a Weekend Box to try out, I had seen them in various places (online that is) and was quite curious about them, how can something that fits through the letterbox keep my crazy energetic girls entertained for longer than five minutes?

Well 5 minutes of entertainment lasted a whole hour and a half at least, and all parents know that when your children are quiet for that long it’s either because they are entertained by something great or doing something they shouldn’t- covering entire self in Sudocreme is approximately 20 minutes of silence, emptying all the kitchen cupboards is about 7.5 minutes, you get the picture.


I loved the little parcels we found inside the box, I looked at everything and decided to do painting parts first, then glueing then sticking, it worked out well that way, by the time we’d finished one part the previous part was dry and ready to go.


This particular weekend box was Aztec themed and the little facts about the parrots and other bits were a nice touch I thought, and gave a bit more of a link to the theme, it prompted me to get on Google and read about the parrots that were sacred to the Aztecs, so it was educational too!


The instruction sheets also have the weekend box characters dotted about and the quality is great, and after every task is completed the children were able to place little stickers on the sheet to show they had done it, they loved that part, kids love getting little stickers as rewards don’t they?


Once we had made little Aztec prints, parrots and coasters it was time to make the Aztec hot chocolate! I have to admit I cheated a little and used some powdered hot chocolate and just added the spices, and I was the only one to tolerate the new taste as the girls are at a funny age when it comes to trying new things. It was a nice excuse to sit and drink warm drinks together on a dreary Sunday afternoon, and I think that was true of the whole Weekend Box experience, I will admit I am not the greatest when it comes to arts and crafts, I am certainly not a Pinterest contributor (just an observer) and the fact that this box came with enough materials to entertain two small children and their Mum for a good hour and half to two hours was impressive I think.

Something else I think worth mentioning is that my girls both had enough materials to make a bird, coaster and prints, as well as a yummy hot chocolate with enough googly eyes, powdered paint, (just added a little water) and paper to avoid any arguments about it not being fair!


So I think the Weekend Box gets a thumbs up from me! If you want to try one out you can get your first one free here (affiliate link).

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