I don’t know if you saw my Twitter post last Monday with my black and white Clifton Suspension Bridge image and the tag #WexMondays, but I was asked by Wex Photographic to elaborate on the whole #WexMondays idea and invite my readers to have a go too!

#WexMondays is a weekly Twitter competition that anyone can enter (even beginners like me) with a chance to win some vouchers to spend on the Wex website, a place that if you are like me and always need ‘one more thing’ you had better steer clear of… Too many tempting lenses and bodies and accessories!

I didn’t win last week but it’s always fun to enter competitions and share my favourite shots.

The shot I entered last week was taken at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, on the morning of the last ascent, for the weekend. I had never walked across the suspension bridge itself before, even though I had driven over it and under it many times before, so I took the opportunity that morning to take a stroll across it once I had finished taking photos of the balloons. It was a little bit early and there was still an early morning breeze but the sun was up and it was nice to see other photographers enjoying the scenery too.

I’d like to say that the shot was set up, composed with thought and planning but in all honesty it wasn’t, I literally looked up, saw a nice angle and snapped it, I didn’t even consider the camera settings, but my EXIF data reliably informs me it was f5.6 1/500sec and 200 ISO, using my trusty old Canon EOS 350D. I obviously edited the image to black and white and I am really pleased with the end result really.

I haven’t decided what I will be entering this week but why not give it a go yourself? Difficulty level has to be a 2/10. If you’re ever in Bristol with your camera why not see if you can catch something similar?

Keep your eye on the #WexMondays hashtag on Twitter. There is a chance to win Wex Photographer of the Year and claim £1500 worth of Wex vouchers for the winner too!

Clifton Suspension Bridge


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