World Book Day Chaos!

Anyone that knows me will know I am a disorganised mess most of the time, I will mention it here a few times no doubt, how I manage to raise kids, work, manage finances, juggle projects and keep my house tidy (who am kidding?) I will never know… So when it comes to events like St David’s Day and World Book Day, that requires extra stuff I do struggle slightly. This week I had to get Welsh costumes for the girls, help them make a dragon (with a moving part) and daffodil, then World Book Day…

It went like this-

3 Days ’til WBD-

“Please think about what you want to dress as for World Book Day please girls…”

No useful suggestions

2 Days ’til WBD-

“Right we really have to decide what you’re wearing for World Book Day so I have time to sort it”

Complete refusal to accept any suggestions.

1 Day ’til WBD-

“Ok so it’s World Book Day tomorrow, what are you dressing as?”.

Finally a decision is made by them both- Splat the Cat and Matilda.

Then comes the panic-

Google all places likely to sell cat costumes nearby and phone them… Nothing. Try closest Ebay find… 25 miles… Find a fancy dress shop and call- they have one!

Decide blue dress will be easy enough to find…

Realise have broken car so have to try to get a bus!

Bus is hourly apparently, realise I missed the last one and will never get back in time for school run, stupid car!

Husband takes half day to bring me his car (and food, my hero!).

Get to Primark to buy dress “which one looks most Matilda like…?” settle for most floral.

Rush to card shop as realise one child is attending a birthday celebration tomorrow and had completely forgotten.

Run to fancy dress shop and grab cat costume and tail.

Realise I’m running out of time, run back to car (couldn’t do that a few months back!)

Pick up girls from school and get nagged all the way home- “I want to see my costume! Mummy!”

Usual tea/ bath routine.

Realise both outfits are actually pretty good, tell children to keep them safe for the morning and settle to watch Matilda.

Decide to cut fringe into eldest girls hair to complete the look, instantly regret it as she looks so much older!


World Book Day- 

Get up late.

Girls dress themselves and fuss and faff over their costumes (first time they’ve been keen to get dressed for a while).

Try to ensure usual routine is followed, quite unsuccessfully.

Argue with youngest girl about the need for actual clothes under her costume as it’s very thin material and cold outside…

Leave house late.

Rush down hill towards school.

Youngest falls over her tail and cries, stress levels rising…

Quickly realise there is no way we’ll get to school on time now anyway so start a funny chat about the costumes and what their friends might say, and deal with the questions about lateness later…

Drop girls at school.

Walk home.

Sit on sofa with a cuppa and a sigh…

Look down to see youngest’s Splat the Cat book…. ARGH!

Then I see this tweet-

She’s right you know? Next year… Next year I will be READY!

Are you like me? Or am I unique and you’re all calm, collected, organised and stuff!?


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