A great cup of tea

How to prevent what I call “eeeeeurgh! What the hell is this?!”…

I make a good cup of tea, no I am not blowing my own trumpet, many friends and family and also elderly ladies and gentlemen I have worked with, say I make a good cup of tea.

Here’s the thing- to make a good cup of tea you have to think about what the person perceives a good cup of tea to be, so you have to ask the person you are making it for how they like it. Now I do seem like a nut case when I ask how someone takes their tea as they will reply “weak, milk and no sugar” I will then ask if they mean strong tea with lots of milk to make it weak or only dip the bag a little… I know, I know, It’s crazy to ask so much about a cup of tea! But I’ll ask once, get it right, and remember every time after that, and you know what? It will make a difference to that person’s day, possibly only a small difference but a difference regardless.

For example- I worked with a lady that was receiving a course of chemotherapy and she just wanted a cup of tea that day as she was off her food, I made it, gave it to her and it really cheered her up as it was “perfect”. Imagine if it wasn’t how she liked it? I know I think too much sometimes, but I like to think my tea making efforts make a difference and will continue to make an effort in this area regardless.

What do you think? Have you ever had a terrible cup of tea (or coffee?) that made you feel a bit sad? I have, and for the record I like mine very strong with lots of milk and no sugar, thanks!

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