Welcome to Hills And Daffodils. This blog is my little slice of the internet, a little self indulgent and possibly entertaining and informative for readers at the same time? You get to decide if that last part is true.

The name for the blog is made up of two things I like to look at in Wales, I wanted something that cunjured up images of Wales as I am currently rediscovering the wonderful things my homeland has to offer. I spent two years living in England and it’s just … different, not better or worse, just not ‘home’ I guess. I was never a patriotic type before but that is changing. I am lucky enough to have had my eyes opened and I will be sharing the rediscovery of this wonderful place with you all, if you’ll let me!

I am a Mum and this will be a blog about lot of writing about family life and parenting, I hope to bring you some interesting reading about photography, lifestyle, the arts and I live in South Wales so will be sharing some local knowledge too.

There will be reviews found here and you will find some sponsored posts too but rest assured all opinions are my own, and not influenced in any way by financial gain. I am also lucky enough to be the official family blogger for The Riverfront Theatre and will be happily writing about their family events/ shows.

I hope you enjoy this space and if you’d like to get in touch please email me at Sarah@hillsanddaffodils.co.uk.

Thanks for reading