Autumn Fashion

I’ve said before that I’m not a fashionista of any kind, but recently I’ve found myself on the plus size website and buying the odd dress here and there, I even found a lovely dress in Sainsburys a few weeks ago for a work do, that I have found can be dressed up or down and have worn often already, and luckily it goes really well with my Hotter shoes, which are a lovely autumn colour right?

So even though we are only in August and have hardly even had a summer yet, I’ve been thinking of ways I can incorporate my recent purchases when the weather inevitably turns, and quite simply I will be adding boots and a smart jacket into the equation. Of course my Oberwerth bag will be tagging along with me everywhere so I will be considering that.

I have also had a little think about the skirt and tights combo, which I’ve admired for a while but never got around to trying out.

As we approach the end of the summer, many are predicting the next autumn fashion trend, and if you take a look at the big magazines and high end fashion sites there are plenty of bizarre things that are popping up for the autumn season, including statement chokers and velvet, but I’m not that brave and I think I’ll stick to the more reserved ‘fashion’ thank you very much. However I have had my eye on Irregular Choice shoes for a while now!

So whilst this isn’t a fashion post as such, and I’m not brave enough to share a photo of myself in my lovely dresses as yet, do you think it would be interesting to hear my thoughts on fashion or shall I stick to what I know? Let me know in the comments below. I think it could be interesting to follow my discovery of some clothing and other ‘things’ from the fashion industry what do you think?

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