Carddies Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Carddies as it seemed like such a simple idea to me, and I did think that some simple cardboard cut-outs to colour in might not hold the children’s attention for long. But I was wrong, very wrong! Yes the idea is very simple but sometimes the more simple the idea the better.

When the Carddies set arrived they were smaller than I imagined, but slotted straight through our letterbox which seems like a great idea to me. We then got stuck straight into opening the matchbox style box and unpacking the contents- the first thing that struck me was the fact that the cardboard cut-out people were very good quality, they were thick enough not to be bent easily and finished very well in my opinion.

The little ones were keen to get started on the colouring and I have to admit I wanted to have a little go myself, so we had a lovely time colouring in the first little fairy, once we’d finished one and some of the backdrop both myself and the youngest child toddled off to get on with our day, however my eldest daughter carried on colouring, naming and creating her very own fairy family, she also finished the lovely backdrop, and proceeded to choreograph a show for us all of course! I think there was a fairy villain and one called Bob, but they all lived happily ever after – Phew!

We were all very impressed with the Carddies set and my eldest asked if she could have all the different sets for Christmas! We will definitely be buying more sets in the future, and there are lots of different types to collect, so something for everyone

I was kind of expecting these Carddies to be put down once they had been coloured and not be picked up again, however they have their own space safely tucked away and have been brought out and played with a number of times since.

I can see this activity being great for travelling or when you need to take little ones somewhere they can’t run around, as it certainly caught my children’s attention for a good while. Carddies will certainly help alleviate the boredom.

Thank you to Carddies for sending this set to us, we would definitely recommend them to other families.

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