Oberwerth Kate Review

Let me start by saying I am not really interested in fashion, shoes or handbags usually but I love my camera, and even though I am not interested in fashion I was recently on the look out for a camera bag that would house my precious camera, and not look like I was about to go hiking (since that’s very unlikely as well), but I stumbled across Oberwerth and knew I’d found the right place.

Every bag on the Oberwerth website looked like great quality and spacious as well as quite stylish too, and certainly not hikers back packs. It was also reassuring to read things like-

Every single Oberwerth bag is made by expert craftsmen. As all of our products are made in Germany from beginning to end, under fair working conditions, we have a constant influence on production.

When Oberwerth suggested I try out their new Kate bag I was very excited, the Kate bag was born from a Kickstarter campaign and was newly launched so I would get to be one of the first ones to try it out.

So I waited a little while for my bag to arrive and when it did I couldn’t wait to open it, the first thing I noticed was that it came inside a protective pillowcase size bag with ‘Oberwerth handmade in Germany’ on it. A nice touch which is welcomed when your delivery driver chooses to leave the parcel in the rain!

As soon as the Kate was removed from all the packaging the quality and simplicity of it was obvious instantly, the bag was smooth to touch and clearly made from excellent quality leather, the button on the front caught my attention as well and I put it on Instagram immediately. I know I said I’m not really interested in handbags but this is one I can get on board with; the stitching, the soft handle and long strap for comfort if needed, the space and pockets and so on…

Of course I had to try it out straight away, and I managed to fit my Canon 350D body, my Canon nifty fifty and some filters in the camera insert without any trouble at all, the little Velcro tabs on top and bottom kept the lid down nice and safely, and the insert from slipping. And when the bag is being carried it naturally encases the camera insert so it doesn’t move around at all.

I have so far taken my new Kate bag on photo shoots, days out with my girls, to work, camera club, the park and pretty much anywhere else I’ve been since I had it! When I say “Do you like my new camera bag?” people are shocked as they think it’s just my usual handbag, so I think it’s fair to say it’s done the trick.

I know I mentioned the quality briefly but let me elaborate: Every single stitch is perfectly aligned, every fold is in place and every ounce of fabric is flawless, as well as being wipe clean, which as a Mum I find incredibly useful. I may not be a fan of handbags and shoes, but I am a fan of quality and Oberwerth have delivered that and more.

A little more about the Kate-

Each Kate is made from carefully selected, high-quality leather. The insert is made of Cordura® which is also used for our bags and other inserts. The material is extremely tear-proof, durable and easy to care for. Furthermore it is waterproof as well as oil and dirt resistant.

Every bag will be delivered with two shoulder straps that can be attached to the bag with carabiners. The longer cotton shoulder strap can be adjusted in its lengths. Thereby the bag can for example be worn as a messenger bag. The shorter economically formed leather strap is very soft and comfortable to wear on the shoulder.

“Kate” can be transformed from an elegant handbag to a practical photo bag within seconds. The removable insert offers enough space for one camera body and two lenses. In addition there is enough space in the bag for a 13” laptop. The outer zipper pocketdoes also comfortably fit a tablet.

That’s right, you can fit a laptop and tablet in the bag as well if you wish, although I have chosen to keep in it a whole manner of random things (mostly receipts!), as well as my camera of course. That’s the best thing about this bag, before I had to plan to take my camera with me, in its case which was quite bulky and not very attractive, now I can carry it with me all the time and never miss a photographic opportunity again, Brilliant!

Overall I cannot fault the Kate bag from Oberworth, and I think that if anyone is looking for a feminine take on a camera bag then this is a great option, I have gained a lot of use out of mine already and intend to continue using it for a long time to come.

The Kate costs from 599,00 € which obviously places it in the high end category, but you get what you pay for, and the quality and convenience this beauty provides is well worth the price in my opinion. I’ve been using the bag for a few weeks now, nearly every day, and it’s still like it was when I opened the box.

I was sent the Kate bag from Oberwerth for the purpose of an honest review, opinions my own as always.

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