Shiny Happy Things

Let me start by saying that I don’t have the first clue about fashion or trends, and what ‘celebs’ are wearing does not interest me, I just can’t get my head around it all. Basically if something looks nice to me/ or is comfortable (not necessarily in that order) then I’ll wear it. Of course it is nice to wear something that others might appreciate too sometimes, but basically I please myself and probably look a mess to those who do ‘get it’, c’est la vie! The fact that I have NO TIME to concentrate on my appearance generally doesn’t help either.

That said I have recently been thinking that it is nice to treat yourself once in a while and I should build on my wardrobe and make-up collection a little as they are dismal right now. So I thought why not share these little (tiny!) extravagances here?

There are plenty of amazing blogs/ vlogs that can give you some great tips on what will look good with your skin tone or what is ‘on trend’ right now, this isn’t one of them, this will be more- “Ooh look at this nice shiny thing I found and like!” and will probably be nail varnish heavy, I like a nice nail varnish. However It could be a nice dress I found, some make-up, things for the house or socks! All the little things I like and want to share.

So here is the first of my Shiny Happy Things-

I was in the chemist the other day waiting for a prescription (see? no glamour here) and there was a little bit of time to look at the gift sets and make-up, so I thought I’d take a look at the nail varnish, I noticed the Rimmel shelf and all the lovely bright colours at the one end, such vibrant orange and blues and yellow and… OH SPARKLES! Yes, like a magpie, I picked up “Disco ball” and then put it back and thought “I am too old for that”, once I’d given myself a shake and reminded myself that it doesn’t matter how old I am, I should just buy what I like and enjoy it, I took it to the till (with some toothpaste, yawn).

I imagine Disco Ball is intended as a top coat really, to add some sparkle to an existing colour, but I was happy with the glitter on it’s own. I put a little bit on and loved it right away, it dried quickly and was lovely and glittery in the little bit of sunshine we’ve had this week (between hail storms and rain), and my little ones were very impressed with Mummy’s sparkly nails-

There is an added bonus to this varnish, it has sadly chipped (but then again I didn’t buff the nails or add a topcoat either so possibly my own fault) but because of the nature of it you can’t even notice! For a busy Mum who will look at her nails in the morning and think “oh I must sort those out” and not get around to it for days (because of the NO TIME thing) I would recommend this little bottle of happiness. It certainly cheered me up. I think I will experiment with using this as a top coat and adding a little sparkle to my other colours now.

So I will share these little finds as I come across them and use #shinyhappythings to keep track. Send me your finds as well please!

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