Window to the Womb Bristol

My sister in law is having a baby! I’ve known her since she was 4 years old and I feel very old right now. That aside we were kindly invited along to see my little nephew on the screen in 4D by Window to the Womb in Bristol, and here’s what happened.

Surprisingly we arrived on time, after a nice journey over the Severn Bridge, and we wondered what the rooms were going to be like, because the building looked quite small from the outside, inside however it was plenty big enough for a lovely bright reception, waiting rooms and the scan room. There was even a play area in the waiting room for any younger family members that were coming to a scan. 

Once we had booked in and had a little look around we waited in the spacious waiting room, which had music playing and plenty to read and look at. One of us had to visit the ladies room due to a little human sat on their bladder and even that was clean and tidy.

We had a bit of a wait because there were lots of uncooperative babies that day, but the staff kept us informed and nothing was too much trouble.

When we were called into the room for the scan I was instantly impressed with how relaxing it was, I’ve obviously been to a fair few scans during my own pregnancies but this room was not clinical in any way shape or form, and the lovely music playing was really relaxing. 

As the scan began the sonographer explained what was going to happen and that she’d try and get us some good images.

At this point the baby came into view and the big screens on the walls meant we could all see him really clearly, he was happily floating around and just relaxing, we already knew what the sex of the baby was so that wasn’t a surprise, but he wasn’t shy about showing us anyway! 

Once the 4D part of the scan kicked in the room fell silent, we were all in awe and even though he was a bit mischievous we saw his lovely little face for a while and his heart beat. The classical music paired with the tiny baby on the screen and two happy parents might have brought a tear to my eye as well, it really was a lovely moment.

We did have to go out and try to move the baby a bit by walking around, but this only served to help him get his foot right up in front of his face, and he seemed happy that way. So we left him be and took what we had.

I wasn’t sure what happens after a 4D scan but the parents get to sit down and choose the images they want to have printed out, and get a disc of the whole experience, depending on the package, even that was explained and actioned really quickly. Nothing is rushed and all the customers on site are able to sit and relax on sofas and chairs and chat without any pressure.

My sister in law and her partner have said it was one of the best days of their lives and are now proudly showing their beautiful little boy to the world and I could not be happier for them. Not long until we meet him in person and we can’t wait.

Thank you to Window to the Womb Bristol for letting us have this experience, it was emotional, outstanding and the facilities and staff were all excellent. It will be a time to cherish forever so it really is appreciated.

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